Sunday, November 29, 2009

My New Rescue Dog

No, I wasn't gone this long! But have I been busy! Besides doing Arts & Crafts shows, I got another dog. This is the story I must tell! My husband (Rich) & I were at a USO fund raiser. It was held at a Tapas Bar. The owner is also on the board of a dog shelter down in one of the rural areas of Missouri. She has a wall full of pictures of her favorite dogs from the shelter and a story about the shelter that you see as you leave the restrooms. WELL, me being the dog lover that I am and wanting to rescue every & all homeless dogs, this grabs my heart. I knew I couldn't have them all. So, I look them over and see this one rolled over on her back with one eye. I had to have her. I tell Rich. He comes & looks. We talk to Lisa (the bar owner) and she tell us the story she thinks is right. She thought she was 2 years old, 40 lbs and found by the side of the road. We said we'd take her! Lisa brought her to us. Here comes this big slow dog. We're thinking her description wasn't quite accurate. We took her home with our princess, Bella. Of course, Bella isn't quite sure of her. The next day we take the new dog, that we named Sasha, to the vet. We found out that she was 60 lbs and 7 years old. She was infested with fleas, so we had her bathed and groomed. Not what we expected. The owner of the shelter told us that Sasha was found wondering around by an elderly woman. She took her in & saw she had an injured eye, so the vet removed it. 9 months later she went to an assisted living home where she couldn't have Sasha, so her daughter brought her to the shelter. We gave the shelter a donation to help the dogs I couldn't bring home. Sasha is fitting in nicely to her new home. Bella still isn't sure, but Sasha loves her and is picking up all her spoiled habits. I can't imagine life without my new rescue dog. If you have the opportunity, adopt one!

Now about my Blessed Beads Site! I have a lot of new stuff! I even have some mood bracelets. Just like the old rings, but bracelets. I'm also having my Christmas sale. It's buy any 2 items and get a $5.00 or $6.00 item free. Now, this is my special for my bloggers, so send your friends here. I NEED MORE BLOGGERS! If you say you saw it here, I'll return your shipping, too. All you have to say is: "I saw it on Mrs. M-C or Mrs. C's blog."

3 things for all of you today: get me more bloggers, look & buy something from my store and ADOPT A RESCUE DOG if you can.

Thank you my bloggers!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hurray! I now have 2 followers! Thanks Amanda! Before you know it I may be up to a full half dozen. Hold me back!

I'm probably using phrases from my high school & college days (back in the '60's & '70's) that you yungins (something my uncle used to call young people) don't even recognize. Well, I'll teach you some new old lingo if you hang around long enough. So, stick around. My high school students used to love me. I hope you hang around long enough to pick up on my personality and see why.

I want everyone to know (all 2 of you, and anyone else that tunes in) that I have the most wonderful daughter in the entire world! Her new husband ain't bad either. I just had to say that

I'm going to Las Vegas in 2-1/2 weeks and I have vegasitis so bad I can hardly stand it. I get the -itis starting about 3 months each year before we go. So, you can imagine what condition I'm in by the time it gets to be 2 weeks. My husband & I go every year and stay a week. That's too long for the average human, but not us. When we were younger, we would get out on The Strip as soon as we got there, stay out until about 4 or 5 am, go back to our condo and sleep a couple hours and start over. We would be so pumped with adrenalin, we didn't need to sleep. Then towards the end of the week we became like zombies and didn't want to sleep. Those were the days! Vegas is still my favorite vacation spot.

I'm going to offer a blog & facebook special. It consists of 10% off and free US shipping. Just use the code word 'vegasitis'. I will refund the money to you. This offer is good until 10/23 (the day before I leave).

Send me your friends, I'll entertain them, too.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Times

The wedding is over! Ricki's wedding was a huge success. We were told that we set a new bar for wedding receptions. When I get the pictures, I'll put some up to see. Ricki looked like a European princess. Her dress was gorgeous. We had the reception at a place The Carousal House. The carousal is from the 1904 World's Fair. It was turned on for rides several times and each time the guests went running for a horse to ride. It was incredible!

I hope these Halloween earrings bring you to my store.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Back

Yes, I've been gone awhile. But, I'm back with good news! I have been making sales! I'm up to 3!!! I have to celebrate! Who wants to come with me? Where should we go? I am voting for a bakery, chocolate store or ice cream shop! Anyone have another suggestion?
If I'm hard to find for awhile, it's because my Ricki's wedding is in 2-1/2 weeks. There are still things to do. We are winding down and it will all be done on time.
Thought I'd show you one of my cell phone dangles or you can use it for a zipper pull. This would look cute hanging on a purse, too. I have another one of this style in my shop. Then I have some that are all charms, too. I don't know which I like better. I guess it depends on my mood. Tonight I like this one the best. That's why I put it in my blog.
Please write to me. I like to get mail. I'm such a kid at heart.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Greatest Offer

Well, the old dog did learn something! I added a picture. This cell phone or zipper pull dangle is the latest thing I added to my store. I really like it. If I was younger (or still teaching) I would keep it. I think it would look great on the zipper of a purse. It's just cute. There's a little green turtle, a dragonfly, a butterfly, fish and a couple flowers. This one's only $7.00 and that includes shipping. Of course there are a few more decorations for your cell phones, etc. in my store. There are decorations for you (jewelry), too. PLEASE VISIT IT. You have nothing to lose. You might even find something you like. I have to tell you, my stuff is good. When people see it in person, they love it and buy it. I'll make a bet with you right here and now! If you order something from me and don't like it, you can return it and I will not only give you the purchase price back, but also your postage both ways. All you have to do is tell me you read it on my blog. This offer is good until the end of August,'09.
If you read this, tell someone else to read it. You will learn to appreciate my sense of humor, also how determined I am to make my online store a success. (I didn't know this was going to go way over here. Now I feel like I have to write more so it doesn't look stupid.) My daughter (Ricki) says she thinks I might be getting the hang of this blog stuff. That could be dangerous, since I like to talk and this is just an extension of that. She also told me I have to get some new kind of dictionary for this new blog language. I'll let you know when I get one. Well, you'll probably know when that happens. I have to sell something first.

Friday, August 7, 2009

An Old Dog- HELP

I'm trying to do this blog thing, but I don't know. I'm starting to think they're right when they say, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." All this new tech stuff, I just can't keep up with. I drive my daughter crazy, since I'm always asking her to teach me or to write it down so I can remember it. You should see my desk! It's covered with post-it notes with things that I have to remember to do so I can FUNCTION in a technical world. I have no left brain function! Is there anyone out there that wasn't born in the 1950's that feels this way? ( That's when I was born.) If you're younger than me and have a problem please tell me, at least it would make me feel a little better. Help!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It's time for my first annual summer clearance sale. Visit my store. All my summer items are 33% off. I only have one of each item, so if you see something you like, grab it. Just look through my store for the word sale. You'll find lanyards, eyeglass chains even a bracelet.

Talk to you later.